Greek Mediterranean Cuisine

Who did not remember the smell of ripe tomatoes while simmering in the pot?

Who was not guided by the smell of the stuffing from the oven?

And who resisted stealing a cold stuffed tomato from the fridge early in the afternoon.

The flavors of fresh summer vegetables in their balanced combinations of extra virgin olive oil, herbs, and often meat or fish are the cornerstones of Greek cuisine.


The combinations can be playful and burst in flavours: although we live in the era of experimentation and fusion cuisine, the Authentic is always – what a surprise! – the most delicious!

The secret of a perfect Greek dish is balance: farm to table ingredients blended with a touch of herbs and a few spices. Primary ingredients are the essence. Most of the recipes you will be tasting will be based on summer vegetables, onions, and tomatoes melting in the sauce without losing their fresh taste, olive oil that gives a delicious depth and sweetness, and garlic that adds a magical crunch. Please inform us of any food allergies before we embark on this culinary journey.



Your Hostess will deliver the heart of Greek Mediterranean cuisine in its purest summer version

Provisioning the healthiest and most fresh seasonal ingredients from local producers and markets during your cruising at the Cyclades and Saronic Gulf Islands, he/ she will make this travel of flavor and taste an unforgettable memory!

Stuffed tomatoes, Moussaka, Pastitsio, Eggplants with feta cheese, Briam (Greek roast vegetables), Giouvetsi with chicken, lamb or beef and pasta, Salads, and some “mezes” like Tzatziki or Fava will be on top of our menu!

These are just a few of the authentic Greek Recipes we prepare on board and we leave it to you to imagine many more and indulge yourselves.

A generous Greek breakfast and the afternoon Greek Meze platters will conclude your culinary trip!

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