A skipper is a person that ensures that you, your friends, and your family will enjoy their sailing trip to the maximum and remember this kind of vacation for a lifetime.

His/ Hers main priority is to keep you safe since sailing vacations are dependent on the prevailing or foreseeable weather conditions.

They will discuss all the possibilities for your itinerary in a safe, comfortable, enjoyable way and will analyze and suggest all options and routes.

And they will also be your “Expert ‘Live’ Tour Guide, available at all times and eager to answer your questions about historical sightseeing, restaurants, and activities on the islands you visit.

So, trust your pilot and enjoy your vacations.!!!

Our skippers and hostesses speak English fluently and, in many cases, a second foreign language.

*You must remember to count the skipper as a member of your trip, providing him with light snacks and lunch. He will be sailing and mooring the yacht all day, and his time will be minimal to prepare his meals.

** When Hostess is on-board, she will be responsible for the crew’s meals.

Anyone on the yacht may occasionally help the skipper, especially when mooring at marinas. If the hostess is on board, maybe there is no need.

But we believe what a great opportunity to learn a bit of sailing with an expert on your side.

He will always be happy to teach some of his navy skills and like how to handle the ropes and sail the yacht.

Sailing conditions in Greece are ideal for sailing, and the sunny weather is the essential ingredient for magical vacations.

However, sometimes the weather conditions may not be like expected.

Our company’s motto is “Safety First,” and your skipper will find the best route to meet your initial itinerary planning and suggest all the possibilities.

There will always be alternative places and magnificent safe berths to explore and enjoy your vacations.

Hostess & Half-Board Menu

Our fantastic Sailor/Hostess/Chef will offer you all the necessary help on board to enjoy your sailing vacations to the maximum!!!

This daily treatment relieves our guests of the galley, kitchen, yacht handling, and cleaning operations, so they can dedicate their time to the sea and island activities they prefer.

Every day you will be offered a traditional Greek Mediterranean  GreeceOnBoard Half Board menu with selected fresh local products that include breakfast, lunch, and drinks.

She will be willing to share tips and tricks on our local cuisine and make you part of a journey on Greek flavors and tastes.

Cleaning the yacht (shared spaces & heads) will be one of her primary duties, so everything is in order. “Space is a commodity,” experienced sailors say.

With her sailing experience, she will be the captain’s right hand during the sailing days raising sails and helping with anchoring in marinas, making things easy and more comfortable for the guests to enjoy their dinners and evening walks to the islands.

It’s not just a menu; it’s an experience.

Our goal is for our guests to take a piece of Greece back home and remember the flavors, experiences, and pictures of their Greek Vacations for a lifetime.

Every dish on our Greek Mediterranean  GreeceOnBoard Half Board menu comes from recipes enjoyed around the family table throughout the Mediterranean for centuries, prepared with fresh organic products and extra virgin oil from selected producers.

Platters with gourmet Greek cheese and meats,  accompanied by wine from Greek boutique producers, will be enjoyed every evening before your night escape to local island restaurants.

Although you and your friends will enjoy everything we prepare, a complete preference sheet will be completed in detail to personalize any dietary requirements, food allergies, and medical conditions that your hostess should know before your embarkation.

  • Premium soft and alcoholic drinks are not included apart from the Welcome Pack   (Link here)

Dinners on board are not included in our All-Inclusive Pack.

Each island has its own beauty and tradition, so we believe it is necessary to visit them at night and experience Greek “Taverna”* Dinners with plenty of local dishes, specialties, and wine.

Your skipper or hostess will be happy to suggest local restaurants on each island and, in many cases, arrange a reservation at a local venue before your night escape.

*“Taverna” is a small restaurant where local traditional dishes are served in different cooking styles and you have a wide variety of first plates which we call “mezes”

Food & Drinks

We suggest making your initial provision before you embark and leaving as early as possible from the marina for your dream destinations.

Usually, our guests prefer to prepare light lunches and quick snacks and enjoy their dinner at each island we visit, experiencing the local traditional cuisine and lifestyle.

An essential product list that may supplement our GreeceOnBoard Welcome Pack can be found on our blog and will be enough for the first two days. We can help you with suggestions, and we can do for you all the shopping free of charge.

During the rest of the trip, you can make all the provisions from local island supermarkets, where you can find fresh and high-quality products at attractive prices. Your Captain will be there to suggest the best of each location.

Each of our yachts is equipped with a stove and oven so you can prepare anything you like for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner.

During the booking process, we will have the opportunity to address all the details about your preferences on the half-board menu.

You will inform us of any allergies or special diets, and we will customize our menu according to your preferences.

Although the Mediterranean diet is considered to be one of the healthiest globally, your Hostess will adjust the recipes to meet your needs.

Our primary goal is to maximize your time at sea and on islands.

During the summer season and especially during peak season (June to September), we can assure you that it is too tricky and crowdy to make alone your provisions at local supermarkets near the marina.

We suggest organizing a list of provisions for two days, and we will gladly help you with the shopping.

Furthermore, our online grocery affiliates and your access to our Yacht Private Wine Cellar will ensure the quality and fast delivery of products from producers all over Greece at competitive prices.

If your trip includes our GreeceOnBoard Hostess + Half-board Pack, it is a seamless experience. Just let us cruise you through this process!

Everything will be on board at your embarkation, and the yacht will be ready to escape to your dream destinations!

Booking Process

We have tried to make our Booking Process as clear and straightforward as possible.

Our Booking Process consists of 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Describe your trip with initial details like the main islands you want to visit, how many guests, the dates of your travel, etc., on our Booking Form or GreeceOnBoard Trip Planner.

Step 2: We will work together through propositions and adjustments to finalize the details of your trip. If you decide to proceed with the reservation, we will hold the yacht in a pre-booking state for a week.

Step 3: During this week, our guests must complete the third step by signing the final contract and related deposit payments.

A deposit of 40% of the total amount is requested for the reservation of the yacht. The remaining balance will be due 60 days prior to departure

All payments can be made via credit cards(Visa, Mastercard), PayPal  or wire transfer in Euros.

If you pay via credit card, a processing fee of 2,9% will be applied.

After signing the final charter agreement, any change in dates or crew arrangement is a cancellation.

Payments concerning the yacht charter and crew arrangement are not refundable after signing the charter contracts.

We strongly recommend that all our guests buy trip cancelation insurance and especially the insurances that cover “cancel for any reason” options. This type of insurance will protect you from any Covid-19 travel restrictions that don’t allow you to travel to Greece during your charter period.

For Guests that cancel their charter due to Covid-19 restrictions, our company will rebook and reschedule their charter at no cost on a future available date.

Trip Tips

Documents & currency

A passport or ID card (EU member countries) is necessary for your trip due to paperwork before departing from the base marina.

If you’re from a non-EU country,  a visa is required.

Before starting your sailing vacations, your travel insurance  or  valid EU medical card must also be considered must-have documents.

A driving license is requested from all renting companies for your land explorations.

We strongly suggest you to carry cash money (euros to avoid currency changes)  alongside your credit cards. Most of the time, you will use credit cards in retailers and restaurants in the  islands you visit.  Sometimes, cash may be required for your personal daily needs.

Our All-Inclusive Package will cover all the relative expenses (Fuels, port fees, water provision, etc.).


Every Saturday at 17:00 AM at Marina Alimou.


The next Saturday at 09:00 AM

The yacht must be in the base marina the previous day (Friday) before 17:00.

You will have the option to stay on the yacht for one last night in the marina, but your skipper/ hostess will depart from the yacht in the late evening to prepare for their next trip.

There are plenty of places and restaurants to visit in Athens during that last night and we will be happy to help you with the arrangements.

If you depart late Friday, please inform your skipper during your embarkation to adjust the trip details on the last day.

All our yachts have inverters that allow charging devices up to 330W (ex. laptops) while you are onboard.

They are also equipped with the appropriate 12v sockets and spare cables, but bringing the proper chargers for your laptop computer, camera, and other devices you may use during your stay will be convenient.

A continental two-pin plug adapter will be used onshore (charging cameras, phones, etc.) in tavernas & coffee shops.

Devices with higher wattage like hairdryers and espresso machines can only be used when the yacht is plugged in the shore  power, or when the electric generator is in use.

In case there is a need for a device that needs continuous electric power at night please purchase or rent the appropriate battery pack since we cannot guarantee that we have always the appropriate electric supply to our destination.

Note that all electric devices must be compatible with European Voltage(220V)

A sailing vacation can be a unique lifetime experience, and we are dedicated to fulfilling this dream for you and your group.

The key point is to pack light, bearing in mind the limited space on board. After all, most of your time besides the required sailing routes will be shopping in street markets, buying food from local markets and exploring your destinations.

“Travel Light” is the magic word for sailing vacations!

If this is your first time sailing on vacation, you must remember that your space is generally limited on a yacht and especially in cabins. But you can bring all the must-have light clothing with you.


If your vacation falls between mid-May and to end of September, you don’t need a lot of clothes! Swimsuits, some T-shirts, shorts and casual dressing for the evenings and night walks.

A pair of non-slippery shoes would be preferable for your safety on board.

It might also be helpful to carry a windproof jacket just in case of stronger winds.

Your list will definitely include sun hats, dark sunglasses, and many sun blockers for protection from the sun that are essential for your trip. Especially for sun blockers, a cream version would be preferable since it is easier to deploy while the sea breeze is blowing.

Soft luggage instead of hard suitcases are preferable as hard-shell cases are harder to store on the sailboat.

Toiletries & Medicines

Although all the shampoo, soap, shower gel, sunblock, etc., are sold in all stores and ports in Greece, the variety is limited at the islands harbor-side retailers.

Furthermore, our “Philoxenia pack” from the well-known Greek cosmetic suppliers has almost everything you may need during your stay on our yachts.

A detailed list will be sent to you during your reservation procedure to add or change “flavors” before departure to the islands.

If something is missing, it will be a great pleasure for us to help find it and add it to your shopping list.

All our yachts have an extended first aid kit, but we recommend bringing travel sickness pills, antiseptic cream, insect repellant, and an antihistamine cream/gel for insect bites.

If you’re taking prescribed drugs, we recommend stocking up for your travel period.

Bed Linen, Towels, and Beach Towels

Skip that on your list!

Our All-Inclusive Pack supplies all the necessary bed linens, towels, and cozy beach towels to ensure that you will travel light and stay in comfort during your sailing vacations.



It’s your holiday, so you get to choose where you sail!

During the booking procedure, we will ask you to select the main islands from the specific sailing areas you want to visit, and we will propose the ideal route. It is always good to have a plan and adapt it when deemed necessary by your captain. The course is weather dependent and according to your sailing preferences.

Our sailing areas are the Cyclades and Saronic Gulf. Both areas are unique and with plenty of thrills to experience: dropping anchor in secluded coves, cooking up al fresco feasts on board,  enjoying that book you have been shortlisting, or experiencing the stunning historical landmarks. Tips from local guides are one of our best-kept secrets!

Distances between islands vary, but a safe estimate would be between 2 – 5 hours of sailing.

We can usually visit 4-6 islands during a seven-day charter in normal conditions.

When you embark, your skipper will inform you about the prevailing conditions and the forecast and suggest the safest, most comfortable, and enjoyable route.

Please read our proposed itineraries for 7- and 15-days charters in the Itineraries section.

Yes, we can!

But have in mind that the yacht must travel from Athens’s yacht base (Alimos Marina) to the island you want to start your charter at a small, incurred cost and sometimes it is weather dependent.

Embarkation is usually scheduled late in the evening or the next afternoon,  according to the distance from the base marina.

Please feel free to ask about this option during the booking procedure, as we are flexible to accommodate your needs and plans.

Mykonos, our beloved “island of Winds.” Say no more!

When strong north winds (Meltemi) are blowing, and rough seas surround the island, sailing and anchorage can be a creative puzzle to solve!

From a sailing perspective, you may have the chance to visit and enjoy the island with the yacht. Your skipper will inform you of the possibilities when briefed with the weather forecast during your embarkation.

Santorini is one of the most famous Greek islands, and it has been among the Top 10 destinations for many years.

But it is too far and too difficult to be approached by a sailing yacht on a 7-day charter.

Anchoring is also a problem because the volcanic Caldera is too deep. Furthermore, the main port is always too busy and about an hour away from the island’s famous spots.

Our suggestion to our guests, is to visit the island prior or after their yacht charter. After all, the island features stunning accommodation and is only 35 minutes plane trip from Athens.

A day trip (no docking /subject to weather forecasts) can be an option in our 15-day Cyclades itineraries on request.

Yes. We can support this option which provides a wonderful opportunity for our guests if they have time restrictions.

Please keep in mind that One-way trips are related to distance and weather conditions.

Fill out the booking form with your plans, and we will come up with our suggestions!

Yes, we do.

Are you planning a Honeymoon trip?

Do you want to include Photography, Sailing(Wing, Kite) or Wellness sessions ?

Do you need the yacht for less or more than seven days?

Fill out the booking form with your  plans, and we will come up with custom suggestions!


Due to the short winter season, the sailing period in Greece begins in March and ends in late October.

In the high season (July to mid-September), you will find warm seas, days with intense winds, and especially in August, some islands will be crowded but always full of fun and excitement.   For the rest of the season, you will have the opportunity to visit Greece in a more traditional and relaxed way.

We can gladly help you decide your desired itinerary during the Booking Process and enjoy the most from your sailing vacations.

Need Space? Is this your first sailing vacation? Do you need similar to hotel-style vacations?

The answer is a catamaran.

With generous interior spaces, large cabins with big beds and plenty of sunbathing areas, this yacht will be your “floating villa” for your ultimate  sailing vacations.

A catamaran will provide more stable sailing conditions and its shallow draft almost “touches” the sun kissed beaches. A perfect gateway make the best of every moment in the sea.

Are you sporty? Do you need to experience sailing at high speeds and reach your destinations faster?

Then, the answer is monohull.

In both cases, these types of sailing boats offer unique experiences.

We will give you all the details to make your choice and enjoy your sailing vacations.

What else can a childhood dream of being every day, all-day at sea playing!

We strongly believe that sailing vacations are one of the most enjoyable and educational vacations for families with their kids.

If you generally believe that your children can follow rules easily onboard, then the sailing vacations will be very enjoyable for our little guests.

Short sailing legs and calm sea conditions make the trip more enjoyable for young families. We suggest that the Saronic Gulf itinerary is the ideal playground for sailing family vacations. The yacht is equipped with the appropriate safety equipment related to the age of your children for a safe trip.

Our Yacht Toys collection and the Family Kids Pack (Optional) will ensure that everyone in the family will enjoy this vacation to the maximum.

Although all our team have pets, unfortunately, we cannot provide this option to our pet lovers aboard all our yachts.

We try to keep our boats at a high level of cleaning and avoid as much as we can the possibility of allergies that may be caused to others by our four-legged friends.

The current traveling information and restrictions entering Greece are the followings

*IMPORTANT NOTE* The requirement for completion of Passenger Locator Form (PLF) by visitors from ALL countries is no more mandatory from March 15, 2022.
Furthermore, as of Sunday 01.05.2022, all travellers arriving in Greece, regardless of their country of origin, are no longer required to display a valid certificate of vaccination or recovery from COVID-19, or evidence of a negative test result from SARS-CoV-2 infection (PCR or Rapid Antigen test).


For more details click on the official link