Cyclades & Saronic Gulf

7 Days Itineraries

Athens – Saronic Gulf

Saronic Gulf Itinerary

The ideal sailing playground for those who want to enjoy easy and relaxing sailing vacations.

With short distances for sailing and, in general, calm sea conditions, the Saronic gulf itinerary is ideal for families and people sailing for the first time.



Athens -Cyclades

North Cyclades Sailing Itinerary

One of the most famous sailings and visited destinations in Greece.

White houses with bright blue shutters and dazzling white churches with a blue dome are the typical architectural scenery.

From the most famous islands like Mykonos, Santorini & Paros to the less known as Fologendros, Sikinos, and Koufonisia, each island can offer spectacular vacations.



15 Days Itineraries

Athens- Cyclades

South Cyclades Sailing Itinerary

Eastern Cyclades, Small Cyclades or even a combination of Saronic Gulf and Cyclades itinerary can be sailed without any hurry in a 15 days sailing trip!

Use our Trip Planner to name 5 of you must see islands and we will set the course! Trip Planner Trip Planner